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One piece Crocodile- 925

One piece Crocodile- 925

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Design: The Crocodile Funko Pop figure follows the typical Funko Pop design, featuring a stylized and exaggerated version of the character. The figure has a large head and a compact body, capturing Crocodile's appearance while fitting the Funko Pop aesthetic.

Costume: Crocodile is known for his signature attire, which includes a large white hat, a long dark coat, and a gold hook-hand. The Funko Pop figure would showcase these distinctive clothing elements, highlighting his menacing and enigmatic look.

Pose: Crocodile might be posed with an air of authority and confidence, reflecting his powerful presence. His pose could evoke his scheming and manipulative personality.

Expression: Crocodile's expression would likely capture his intense and cunning nature. He might have a calculating or sly expression that represents his role as a major antagonist in the "One Piece" series.

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