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Boruto Shikadai- 1039

Boruto Shikadai- 1039

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Costume: Shikadai typically wears a green jacket and pants. The Funko Pop figure would showcase these clothing elements, along with any other distinctive details of his outfit.

Hairstyle: Shikadai has a distinct hairstyle with a ponytail. The Funko Pop might replicate this hairstyle to capture his visual identity.

Pose: Shikadai could be posed in a characteristic stance that reflects his calm and observant nature. He might be shown with his hands in his pockets or in a thoughtful pose.

Facial Expression: Shikadai's expression would likely capture his laid-back and contemplative personality. He might have a calm and slightly distant expression that mirrors his attitude.

Base: The figure would likely come with a basic stand or base to help it stand upright.

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