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Hunter x Hunter Leorio- 700

Hunter x Hunter Leorio- 700

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Design: The Leorio Funko Pop figure would feature the distinctive design style that Funko is known for, with a large head and a stylized, compact body. The figure would aim to capture Leorio's recognizable appearance while simplifying the features to fit the Funko Pop aesthetic.

Costume: Leorio's attire typically consists of a dark suit, dress shirt, and tie. The Funko Pop figure would depict these clothing elements, showcasing his formal yet practical style.

Accessories: Leorio is often seen wearing a pair of round glasses. The Funko Pop figure might include these glasses as a notable accessory to enhance the character's likeness.

Pose: Leorio's pose could reflect his confident and determined personality. He might be posed with a determined expression, possibly with his arms crossed or in a way that suggests his serious demeanor.

Facial Expression: Leorio's expression would likely capture his characteristic seriousness and determination. He might have a focused or slightly stern expression, showcasing his commitment to his goals.

Base: The figure would likely come with a basic stand or base to help it stand upright.

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