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Tokyo Ghoul:re Kuki Urie- 1125

Tokyo Ghoul:re Kuki Urie- 1125

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Kuki Urie is a character from the manga and anime series "Tokyo Ghoul:re," created by Sui Ishida. He is a member of the Quinx Squad, a group of investigators with ghoul-like abilities, and plays a significant role in the series. Here's a description of Kuki Urie:

Appearance: Kuki Urie has a tall and slender build. He has short, neatly combed silver hair and sharp blue eyes. As a member of the Quinx Squad, he wears the standard CCG investigator uniform, which consists of a black suit, tie, and white shirt. He often appears focused and serious.

Personality: Urie is characterized by his competitive and ambitious nature. He is determined to climb the ranks within the CCG and prove himself as a capable investigator. He has a strong desire to surpass others and gain recognition for his skills, which sometimes leads him to act arrogantly and disregard the well-being of his teammates. Despite his competitive demeanor, Urie also harbors insecurities and fears related to his family legacy and the expectations placed on him.

Background: Kuki Urie comes from a prestigious family with a history of involvement in the CCG. His father was a renowned investigator, and Urie feels immense pressure to live up to his family's legacy. This pressure fuels his desire to excel and achieve higher ranks within the organization.

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